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A simple custom error type for marking the end of a Promistream. You'd usually only need this module when you're implementing a source stream.


An example of producing an EndOfStream marker, from the range-numbers module, which is a source stream that produces numbers within a range:

"use strict";

const simpleSource = require("@promistream/simple-source");
const EndOfStream = require("@promistream/end-of-stream");

module.exports = function rangeNumbers(start, end, step = 1) {
	let i = start;

	return simpleSource({
		onRequest: () => {
			if (i >= end) {
				throw new EndOfStream();
			} else {
				let number = i;
				i += step;
				return number;



A custom Error constructor, that produces an 'end of stream' marker; that is, a special kind of error to signal that the end of the source stream has been reached, and no further values should be requested.

Takes no arguments.