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How is this possible?

Conference costs are huge, and ticket prices are often nowhere near the true per-attendee cost, even for a non-profit conference.

Fancy venues, transportation, hotels and food are really nice perks to have, but… If you hold a conference in a squat… the speakers advance their travel expenses… you can have a almost zero cost conference made with love, a little rougher around the edges and it allow you to remove sponsors from the equation.

Where and when? Now Berlin, 29-30 april 2016

past 14/11/15 : Le hangard56

Tickets will be donation-based, venue will be disclosed later, for more infos subscribe to the mailing list

I want to speak / do a workshop / danse

everybody here is welcome, we won't promise that every proposal will be accepted, but they will all be displayed here and in a git repository, and the curration process will happend.