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  Sven Slootweg 97981c9224 Set up konjassiem-02 (Git) 6 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 1d3745e32e Update various static site configs 7 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 806c9d7026 Add more Validatem assets 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 243d656035 Update setup notes 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg b7e643b1b6 Add konjassiem-02 machine 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg 16c4f3c4bf Very explicitly DO NOT let the tinc service auto-generate keys 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg bf6424fc84 Use tinc-up/tinc-down scripts instead of networking.interfaces, to sidestep the rebuild bug 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg a7f2f89f47 Update dummy configuration NixOS state version 11 months ago
  Sven Slootweg dc21fc286c Increase backup quota for f0x to 400G 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 19c83e8235 Remove obsolete stuff from system configuration 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 8a9dfbf9b6 Merge branch 'master' of git.cryto.net:joepie91/morph-rc 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 1096e8dc79 Disable PHP, upgrade to NixOS 20.03 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg ecb2ad9189 Update haless-03 configuration for new storage device name 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg b0d91759d3 Add missing Validatem logo 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 9470273c1f Add temporary site for Validatem 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg f1ce5dd64e Update Modular Matrix site with design goals and misc fixes 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg aab127e793 Install dfc by default 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg c204dceb7a Add backup target for Haless 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 4337e920ff Merge branch 'master' of git.cryto.net:joepie91/morph-rc 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 673ea37545 Set up tinc VPN 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg fc564e4eab Prevent garbage collection of deployed packages 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg ee00cec506 Install mtr by default 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg 25a8ea21ad Fix storage volume mounting on borg2-01 1 year ago
  Sven Slootweg b23b4e9ea9 Set up matrix-rooms.cryto.net 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg a26c526e93 Update Modular Matrix website with disambiguation 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg a2f7bbbb41 Set up placeholder site for Modular Matrix 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 00dc1a3366 Set up a Tinc VPN 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 6cec6c4a10 Ignore deployment GC roots 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 932264ef0e Install mtr by default on all servers 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg a662249fd9 Disable auto-detected Hyper-V support on borg2 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 935175a406 Add a deploy-secrets script 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 1148ea30b5 Keep around a GC root for deployments 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 2f7621e852 Set up machine-borg2-01.cryto.net 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg b3f44f497a Add setup notes on resizing an LVM LV 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 48c2e49b6a Fix deploy-machine script to remove .sh 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 16be86c472 Now with more TLS! 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 2212c6446b Remove unnecessary default.nix suffix 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg ec6d1a95dc Set up mobile-proxy 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 38e1081cb0 Add unpack utility 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 98bf68cd8e Fix link in README 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 9f381cb4d4 Add documentation 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg b906daea40 Fix Haless hostname 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg e242e1a509 Set up old PHP applications on Haless 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 713c45d897 Add old shadow-generator and knex-mirror folders to haless-03 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 5415b1f4b3 Add deploy-machine utility script, and remove extension from deploy.sh 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg c574356ec5 Add some presets and configuration for haless-03 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 5e025682ff Add deployment utility script 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 50fe9f06b6 Update setup notes 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg e70151102d Add VM setup notes 2 years ago
  Sven Slootweg 28885995e9 Initial commit 2 years ago