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Lars-Magnus Skog 2d2fc4f0cb link to main Talks page and not pull requests 6 years ago
gorhgorh 496c1e6161 useless comment !!! (check caddy rebuild) 6 years ago
gorhgorh 7bab999c2b cleanup 6 years ago
gorhgorh cef5714eeb update ws 6 years ago
gorhgorh 0482f998b9 added test logo 6 years ago
gorhgorh 1bfd927342 Merge pull request #24 from squatconf/fix/minor-copy 6 years ago
dignifiedquire 46018912b2 Some minor language improvements 6 years ago
gorhgorh f72bda626c guru meditation 6 years ago
gorhgorh a4943d4fbe update index.md 6 years ago
gorhgorh 9c2a051da2 update text, removed twitter link, udated ascii 6 years ago
gorhgorh 606cd2a392 added nodemon dep to the readme 6 years ago
gorhgorh f92a768b74 updated index page 6 years ago
gorhgorh 76498b2cc6 update texts and added cfp to the template 6 years ago
gorhgorh 15a0aba154 update text 6 years ago
gorhgorh a509ecf436 Merge pull request #22 from squatconf/feat/md 6 years ago
gorhgorh 3ac97fba2a remove builded file 6 years ago
dignifiedquire 25c33600d3 Add automatic rebuilds on file changes 6 years ago
dignifiedquire b310003aa4 Add basic markdown rendering 6 years ago
gorhgorh 380beb7273 added index.md 6 years ago
gorhgorh 0829c9f2cc Merge pull request #20 from squatconf/feat/small-improv 6 years ago
dignifiedquire 5acb3c1e42 Update dependencies 6 years ago
dignifiedquire ef29f01273 Log url on server start 6 years ago
Jérôme Loï 969b0707b4 Merge branch 'release/1.2.0' 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 3b9b6ae0c8 text edit 7 years ago
gorhgorh 3bbae1bc74 Merge pull request #18 from joates/fixes-1.2.0 7 years ago
joates 992954e276 remove unused file 7 years ago
joates 953b885ab5 config instructions not required 7 years ago
joates 15e7037807 config is not used 7 years ago
joates 4c0224576c remove unused scripts & deps 7 years ago
joates b9b9701a05 src/* deprecated 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï ce9282f04b cleaning old info, rework main text of the website, begin removing the old db system 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï f38f3baf92 more cleaning 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 8f08a51bff cleanup 7 years ago
joates e03900b4c1 removed Paris checkbox from email signup 7 years ago
joates f60891c39c removed Paris venue info 7 years ago
Julian Oates 1f6f8ff759 typo: if -> is 7 years ago
Julian Oates d86e2bdcce Merge pull request #15 from kalikaneko/master 7 years ago
ToM de207c7cd8 IRC happens in #squatconf not in #stackvm. 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 125a41fd07 added newsletter system 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï d9485dcbc1 added venue informations 7 years ago
Kali Kaneko a25bdb638a fix typo 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï 057329d11d fix typo 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï deb7729d79 updated intro 7 years ago
joates 1609e9a696 added logo attribution (with link to substack.net) 7 years ago
joates 119beeb900 v1.1.1: added nav link to the talks repository 7 years ago
joates 268d6f5590 v1.1.0: added nav link to code of conduct document 7 years ago
Nathan Zadoks 9bfd8690b4 what you to put -> what you put 7 years ago
Nathan Zadoks 6cb2acf442 programers -> programers 7 years ago
Nathan Zadoks 23a8c763db some spelling fixes, some language fixes 7 years ago
Jérôme Loï b61ba1a7ed Merge branch 'release/1.0.1' 7 years ago